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Solving The Puzzle Of Government Contracting

Litigation and Expert Witness Services

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If your company is party to litigation involving a Government contractor, Strategic FAR Advisors, LLC Litigation and Expert Witness Services may be the assistance you need to articulate your case before the judge and jury.

Strategic FAR Advisors, LLC offers testimony in its areas of expertise, including Government contract audits, accounting, purchasing and inventory management and more. Strategic FAR Advisors, LLC provides clear communication on important issues to you, the legal team, judge and jury with its expert industry knowledge.

You will feel more confident during a trial knowing your team includes Strategic FAR Advisors, LLC. Put our years of experience to work for you by contacting us today..

Our Commitment To Clients

Mission Statement

To bring each of our Government contractor clients brilliant business results at a reasonable price. We accomplish this by providing clients with the absolute best business advice and services appropriate for its size and industry consistent with the laws of God and to help them achieve outstanding increases in revenues and profits while complying with applicable federal procurement laws and regulations. We will help each client become admired and respected by the Government and peers in its respective industry.

Strategic FAR Advisors, LLS has outstanding small and large business experience and can answer just about any Federal regulation question. Our consultants have helped Government contractors grow rapidly and can respond with true expertise on the pricing, financing, administrative and accounting issues. Strategic FAR Advisors, LLC can deal with the Defense Contract Audit Agency (DCAA) and other Government audits. We are a firm whose expertise is been recognized by General Accounting Office (GAO) and Federal Courts.

A savvy company will know its Government customer and how it procures goods and services as well as the regulatory requirements that must be met to win new contracts and keep their existing Government contracts.

Having the expertise at Strategic Far Advisors on your side for pricing, accounting and administration will ensure your company is positioned to take advantage of the Federal procurement environment while proactively complying with your contractual and regulatory requirements.