Service Offerings

At Strategic FAR Advisors, we provide our customers the highest quality services personalized for their unique needs and provide them with solutions for meeting the requirements of Government contract accounting, as well as accounting and business advice for commercial enterprises. We accept messages 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We are committed to respond to calls in 1 business day. Our staff members are always professional, courteous and efficient.

We provide a wide variety of services including but not limited to:

Strategic Planning Services and CFO Consulting & Compliance

Work with owners and executives of Federal contractors to develop and execute strategic plans for products and services including business, operational and financial aspects. The purpose of these services is to focus and align the business and personal goals of shareholders and executives providing a clear path to identifying specific action plans, resources required and providing measureable results.

We also provide temporary and long term CFO consulting or in-house Compliance services for companies based upon their needs. These services will enhance the required internal controls for contracts subject to the recent DFARS business systems regulations. It also provides companies with options for acquiring high powered CFO reviews and controls to provide management with timely and useful budget and financial information as well as developing third party financing sources. Such services will also assure contractual reporting and required incurred cost submissions are submitted timely. We provide direction for year-end financial and tax planning, and much more.

DCAA and Government Audit Assistance

The audit process can be quite difficult. We provide your company the ability to be prepared for all types of Government audits and reviews. We also review audit results questioning costs under FAR Part 31 and the Cost Accounting Standards.  Our timely responses are fully supported and based on tried and proven positions. Our services may run from the entire process including interfacing with the Government official to providing advice only as needed.

Pricing and Estimating

We assist companies in developing both commercial, including GSA pricing, and negotiated pricing and cost estimating. We fully understand all the requirements of the Procurement Integrity Act, the Truth in Negotiations Act, Cost Accounting Standards and FAR Part 15. We assist companies in developing adequate accounting systems for bidding on cost type contracts and meeting all the requirements of pre-award accounting system reviews. We help companies develop adequate pricing and costing support. We also provide a full range of equitable adjustment and termination settlement pricing services.

Cost Accounting Standards (CAS) and Cost Accounting Systems

We assist companies in identifying whether cost accounting requirements are subject to FAR Part 31 and CAS. We develop cost accounting structures based upon the best management practices for a company's industry and assure that the statutory or regulatory requirements of CAS are met. We work with fully CAS covered companies to develop initial or revised Disclosure Statements, review practices for compliance with CAS requirements, and assist with developing cost impact statements for changes to cost accounting practices.

Litigation and Expert Witness Services

We have significant experience with a wide variety of cases including breach of contract, product substitution, labor mischarging, defective pricing, bid protests, We have reconstructed accounting record, analyzed financial data and developed economic damages, The Court of Federal Claims, the Federal Circuit Court and the GAO have accepted Mr. Bonuccelli as an expert witness. Based on Mr. Bonuccelli's testimony, favorable results were obtained in most of his cases.